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From Taiwan to Asia and the World

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based in CG Japanimation

Do you want to challenge the world with top of the line CG Japanimation?
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Spread CG Japanimation we create in our Taiwan studio locally or overseas.


On the basis of CG Japanimation, we join diverse animation projects including short animated works, long animated works and feature-length works.


We are recruiting new members who want to keep pushing the envelope with world class CG Japanimation.

From Taiwan to Asia and the World, we create High-quality Japanimation

“五號影像有限公司 Studio5 ” is a 3DCG animation production studio established by Studio 5 in Taiwan, hiring many local Taiwanese creators. Unlike a typical offshore corporation, Director Makoto Kanemoto, who has been working in the Japanese animation industry for over ten years, is stationed in person at Studio 5 here in Taiwan, personally directing the progress of CG animation projects.

Local staff inherit Japanimation know-how cultivated directly from Japan, and have the opportunity to join not only projects from Japan but from China and others as well.

Furthermore, Studio 5 in Taiwan plays a role as a hub to support the many projects of Japan’s enterprises and China’s corporations, both of which are expanding their Asia and global businesses.


World-class CG Japanimaiton

Providing world class and high quality CG Japanimation cultivated from over ten years of experience and achievements in front line Japanimation for diverse projects.


Most work done locally in Taiwan’s studio

Unlike a typical offshore corporation, Studio 5 established a studio in Taiwan where President Makoto Kanemoto stays locally in person, where he hires and educates local staff, and directs animation projects.


Know-how of long CG animation production

At Studio 5, we work on a wide range of projects. Our staff is familiar with not only producing short CG animation, but are skilled and versed in the production process for long CG animated films and TV animations in the forefront of the industry too.

New Works

オリジナルIP Monkey Gang Anarchy(モンキーギャングアナーキー)

Searching for talents who want to keep pushing world class Japanimation

Even in Japan’s head office or in Taiwan’s branch office, Studio 5 never stops searching for domestic and foreign talents. We are looking for creators, directors, producers and other positions. We value the possibility of challenges, even inexperienced people will be able to work in the industry through our top creators’ practical education.

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