Corporate Outline


From Taiwan to Asia and the World
Create High-quality Japanimation

“五號影像有限公司 Studio5 ” is a 3DCG animation production studio established by Studio 5 in Taiwan, hiring many local Taiwanese creators.

Unlike a typical offshore corporation, Director Makoto Kanemoto is stationed in person at Studio5 here in Taiwan, personally educating creators and managing whole projects.

Staff who work here inherit Japanimation know-how cultivated directly from the forefront of the Japanimation industry, and have the opportunity to join not only projects from Japan but from China and others as well.

3DCG animation production company, 5 Inc., will develop Taiwan’s 3DCG animation studio “五號影像有限公司 Studio5” as a center to support the many projects of Japan’s enterprises and China’s corporations, both of which are expanding their Asia and global business.

President’s Message

President Makoto Honda(Makoto Kanemoto)

A creator’s “Rage” is the drive that pushes them to aim for greater challenges.

I graduated in 1999 and immediately got into CG industry. Since then I’ve continuously worked on short 3DCG animations, animated films and TV series.

Although it hadn’t been that long from when I first founded Studio 5 in 2017, I decided to also build a studio corporation in Taiwan and hire many creators with countless potential and teach them Japanimation techniques. Through in person training, organizing and directing, I have built a bond between them regardless of languages, and together completed domestic and overseas projects.

Leaving Japan, founding and managing local corporation, educating staff, conducting projects, and working– all of it makes me feel anxious and worried. However, these diligent and talented employees have given me a whole new feeling of discovery and progress.

I will keep employing talented Taiwanese people and teaching them 3DCG Japanimation; I’ll also put all my effort into various productions. Moreover, I want to systematize the know-how I learn in Taiwan’s studio and bring that to America, China, Vietnam, Singapore and so forth.


I participated as CGI director in the production of “A Farewell to Weapons”, which is a short film from “Short Peace” and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, and “GATCHAMAN Crowds”, “GARO: The Carved Seal of Flames”, “VOTOMS FINDER” and several other productions. In 2017, I resigned from YAMATOWORKS, and founded 5 February. After that, I established Studio 5 in Taiwan and have since joined in domestic and foreign projects. Furthermore, I educate local staff and direct the progress of projects in Taiwan Studio 5.

Title Period Position
FREEDOM-PROJECT 2006~2008 Animator
VOTOMS FINDER 2009~2010 CGI Director
Coicent 2010 Chief Animator
Short Peace: A Farewell to Weapons 2012~2013 CGI Director
安らけし都 Yasurakeshito
(The Peaceful Capital)
2013 CGI Director
GATCHAMAN Crowds 2013 CGI Director
Rage of Bahamut PV 2014 CGI Director
GARO: The Carved Seal of Flames 2014 CGI Director
GATCHAMAN Crowds Insight 2015 CGI Director
Monkey Gang Anarchy PV 2016 Chief CGI worker
3DCG animated film pilot PV 2017 Director・CGI Director
Marcus of Cloud Forest 2017 CGI Director

Reason why I founded a CG studio in Taiwan:
Abundance in people with endless potential

Many people who enter the Taiwan animation industry are college graduates and multilingual, speaking languages like Chinese, English, and Japanese, and are highly capable creators with great potential. All male members have performenced military service as well, thus mentally mature.

I want to bring out the high potential of our artists by teaching them CG animation skills, and creating Studio 5’s own style together. Taiwan has geographic and economical advantages so it’s perfect as a development center of Asia or as a global business base.