Staff Interview~3D Modeler

We interviewed two 3D modelers who work at Studio 5 Taiwan.

3D Modeler/YuTing Wang 23 years old Female
3D Modeler/Yuwei Chen Adulthood Male

Project manager Hu ShanChun and Chu YuehChia take charge of this staff interview.

Talk About Yourselves

Hu: Please introduce yourself and your job.
Wang: My name is YuTing Wang. I am a modeler.
Chen: My name isYuwei Chen. I am a modeler, too.
Hu: Please talk more about yourselves.

Wang: 23 years old. I graduated last year (2017) and entered Studio 5 this year (2018).
Hu: What did you do before you entered Studio 5?
Wang: I received a 3DCG freelance job from my professor… as an assistant.
Hu: How about Chen?
Chen: Can I say that I’m in my adulthood instead of my age? I graduated 2~3 years ago, and joined Studio 5 this year (2018).
Hu: After graduating, what did you do while you weren’t working?
Chen: I performed military service for a year.
Hu: And then? Did you have other work experience?
Chen: I studied at III(Institute for Information Industry).
(※ In Taiwan, III offers courses where you can learn CG software and animation. URL:
Hu: Like a training course? You entered Studio 5 right after finishing the course so you have no other work experience, right?
Chen: Yeah, that’s what I meant.

Why Did You Join Studio 5?

Hu: Why Did You Join Studio 5?
Wang: Through my professor’s introduction. It seemed that my college cooperated with Studio 5 so I went with my professor here.
Hu: Followed?For a field trip?
Wang: No, no. My professor said “you haven’t decided on a job yet, have you?” and brought me to Studio 5 for a job interview.
Hu: That’s different from what he said.?
Wang: Yes. I thought that I only came for a company visit, but suddenly I had a interview…My professor said he told the Director that “I wanted to apply for a job.”
Hu: haha. So you got an unexpected interviewed afterwards. How about Chen?
Chen: Is your question “Why did you join Studio 5?”
Hu: Yes.
Chen: I just finished my course at III when some employers of Studio 5 visited, which is how I found out about 5. After I interviewed, I joined.

What Do You Think About Studio 5?

Hu: Then, what do you think about Studio 5?

Wang: Maybe feel free? Everyone looks happy.
Hu: Anything else?
Wang: Everyone is amazing. I can learn a lot working with them .
Hu: How about Chen?

Chen: Wang almost said what I was going to say. If I have to say one thing… “the Director is interesting.” (Laugh)

Memorable Animation

Hu: Okay next, what animation has impressed upon you the most?
Wang: Animation I like…”Fullmetal Alchemist”, maybe.
Hu: 2003 version? Or 2009?
Wang: I like the 2009 version. The story is the same as the original comic. The 2003 version has a great arrangement, but compared to the original, it’s a little bit…
Hu: Chen, what’s your favorite animation?
Chen: “Summer Wars”.
Hu: Why did you choose that?
Chen: It’s very cool, especially the battle scenes.
Hu: The Battle of Hanahuda(Japanese playing cards)?
Chen: No, I mean where the avatars fight.
Hu: Do you have any favorite scenes, Wang?
Wang: Well… The sword swinging scene in Touken Ranbu(Wild Dance of Swords)?
Hu: Hahaha. Are you Saniwa (Playes’s role in the game)?
Wang: No, I am not. (Laugh)

Goals for the Future

Hu: Ok. Please share your goals for the future.

Wang: Personally speaking, I want a cat because the place where I’m living currently doesn’t allow pets. And also, I want to keep another cat at the studio, so I can happily work overtime.
Hu: What’re your goals, Chen?
Chen: In that case, I want a dog~
Hu:Oh (Laugh)

Wang: Improving my modeling skills.
Chen: I have a similar answer.
Wang: Oh, and I read the interview by the modeler who modeled 2B from “Nier: Automata”. I want to challenge modeling at the same level!
Hu: I see. Thank you both. Please keep improving your modeling skills.


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