Staff Interview~Art Designer

We interviewed two female art designers who work at Studio 5 Taiwan.

Art designers/ChongYa Huang Forever 18 years old female(She got her nickname from her brother)
Art designers/YiTing Wang(Tina) 27 years old female (※Tina is also her real name.)

Project manager Hu ShanChun and Chu YuehChia take charge of this staff interview.

Talk About Yourselves

Hu: First, please introduce yourselves. Let’s start from Huang.
Huang: Call me Maru please. My age…forever 18, mentally (Laugh)
Hu: How about Tina?
Wang: I’m 27 years old.
Hu: Thanks. Could you two share your experience?
Huang: I didn’t finish college yet. After that I worked at a game company for around 2 years, and ended up quitting due to a personal reason.
Hu: Sounds complicated..Let’s keep it a secret. (Laugh) And then?
Huang: After working as a freelancer for a year, I joined Studio 5. I’m very thankful to the Director for letting me work here.

Hu: I agree with you. How about Tina?
Wang: I received my bachelor degree from School of Visual Arts (SVA). After that, I worked at home as a freelancer.

Why Did You Join Studio 5?

Hu: Cool. Then, why did you join Studio 5?
Huang: For money. (All of us burst into laughter. )

Hu: Me too! (Laugh)
Well, let’s be serious. I would like to hear the background story before you joined Studio 5.
Huang: I saw recruitment information on Plurks and I applied.
Hu: A lot of applicants applied through Plurks. How about Tina?
Wang: Director Kanemoto and I have a mutual friend who also attended SVA the same time as me. Through her introduction, I joined Studio 5.
Hu: I see. That’s why you lived in America and now you work in Taiwan.

What Do You Think About Studio 5?

Hu: Well then, what do you think about Studio 5?

Huang: I think everyone is “good”.
Hu: What do you mean?
Huang: There were less colleagues who were Otaku at my former company while here there are way more, so we can have fun conversations.
Hu: And Tina?
Wang: Everything’s good!
Hu: Everything’s good? Could you give me some examples?
Wang: We have a lot of work but I don’t feel too stressed by it. Everyone can finish their work well.
Hu: Anything else?
Wang: Well, we two are the only 2D designers here at Studio 5, which means we can’t share our workload with others.
Huang: And only Tina can do 2D animation too, which no one else can help with either.

Memorable Animation

Hu: And the next question is : What animation has impressed upon you the most? You can share work’s title or scenes.
Huang: If I have to choose then I’ll say “Naruto”, I think. Some scenes from Naruto opened a gate to a “new world” for me.
Wang: I really like sketchy lines and animation with an expressive style because it makes the animation feel more alive. The sixth One Piece movie, for example.
Huang: For original animation, I like “Tengen Toppa Guren Ragan”. Not only does it have a passionate story, but also the design by Director Yoh Yoshinari really impressed me. Like what Tina said, the scenes feel alive, and the animation is so powerful and thrilling.

Goals for the Future

Hu: Next. Do you have any goals for the future?

Huang: I don’t have a big dream but I want to keep working as an art designer.
Hu: And Tina?
Wang: If possible, I want to spend more time on character and creature design. I also want to get into character design for video games.
Hu: Do you have another bigger goal, Maru?
Huang: Hmm..Well, my big dream is maybe working independently as a designer.
Hu: Like receiving freelance work just by your name?
Huang: Yeah, something like that! Like a personal studio.
Hu: Wow~Is there anything else you want to say?
Huang: You need to think carefully before getting into this industry.
Hu: What do you mean?
Huang: Besides the 2D team, everyone in 3D team has a lot of work to do. As for Tina..
Wang: I’m doing alright so far.
Hu: Great! Ok, it’s the end of our interview. Keep up the good work as art designers of Studio 5!


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