Declaration of privacy policy

We respect every user’s privacy when visiting our official website, and will carefully organize users’ personal information.

Obtaining personal information

We will only obtain personal information legally and properly; illegal collection will never be conducted.
We will only obtain and utilize personal information under the following circumstances.

The purpose of using personal information

Below are the purposes for collecting and using personal information.

1) To notice information such as services, sale of goods and promotional items, and activities.
2) To let users receive free information from us.
3) To reply to users’ demands and suggestions.
4) To improve the survey for development of goods, services and so on.

Management of personal information

We ensure that the personal information you provide will be at the newest and correct state.
We will conduct proper management method to prevent those information from illegal utilization and other acts such as lost, damaged, tampering, disclosure and so on.

Personal information disclosure to a third party

We will never show any personal information to a third party without users’ permission.
However, under the following circumstances, we will provide personal information to a third party.

1)If we are required to show personal information according to law;
2) If we must show such information to protect human life, body and properties after serious judgement;
3)If we are required by governmental officials, local public organizations, or the consigners of the aforementioned to assist law enforcement act, and if unallowed permission from users will cause difficulties for law enforcement;
4)If we must show such information to protect the rights of our clients or our own company;
5) If we are required to provide such information for necessary and limited use of business performance.

Disclosure, revision, stop of utilization and deletion of personal information

If we receive requests to disclose, revise, stop utilization, or delete personal information, we will complete the request in proper time after confirming it is the information of the same person who inquired such changes. Please fill out our contact form if you have any such requests.


When you are browsing or using our official website, we will assume that you have agreed with our declaration of privacy protection.
In addition, there is the possibility that we will change the content of the declaration of privacy protection according to necessary situations without informing the users. Please forgive any inconveniences caused by such alterations.