Searching for talents who want to keep pushing world class Japanimation

Even in Japan’s head office or in Taiwan’s branch office, Studio 5 never stops searching for domestic and foreign talents. We are looking for creators, directors, producers and other positions. We value the possibility of challenges, even inexperienced people will be able to work in the industry through our top creators’ practical education.

Mark in history of CG Japanimation
Keep challenging with aspiration

To spread Japanimation around the world, 5 (Five) Inc. established Studio 5 Ltd. in Taiwan, and employs and cultivates local creators.
Inheriting Japanimation techniques, highly skilled creators from Taiwan and overseas aim to craft the best work with high aspirations.
The path to achieving our goal is not a painless or easy one.
However, to leave our mark on CG Japanimation history, we believe Studio 5 and our staff, who are highly motivated and never tire of challenges, will be able to take this path.
We are looking forward to meeting new talented and determined partners.
Meet our staff

We value your potential.
A Chance to learn know-how from the director firsthand.

In 2018, Studio 5 (Five) founded 3DCG animation studio in Taiwan, and has hired many local employees and moved into a larger office. Our president, stationing in person at local studio, directs the progress of CG animation projects and educates creators.

Staff of Studio 5, including those just recently graduated from college, will learn Japanimation techniques cultivated in Japan directly from the Director’s practical education, and become front line creators.

Reason for holding company in Taiwan
People with great potentail

Many people who enter the Taiwan animation industry are college graduates and multilingual, speaking languages like Chinese, English, and Japanese, and are highly capable creators with great potential.

We hope our staff will realize their full potential through the CG animation process that they will learn, and build Studio 5 its own art style. In terms of geographical location and economic conditions, Taiwan has great advantages to becoming an ideal Asia hub for global business and international cooperation.

ON/OFF Switch of Focus and Relaxed Environment

The staff of Studio 5 always focuses on their own daily tasks, but when we get off work, we can relax and have fun talking and hanging out.
We think hard, work hard, and play hard. We make an effort to communicate with clients and team members, because no job or project can be done by only one person.

Ambition for Personal Growth

Your ability will grow fast in an environment where you can learn CG animation skill directly from the director. At the same time, you will gain professional development and commercial skills like delivering finished projects.
We devote ourselves to fostering our employee’s independent thinking as a creator or a businessperson capable of taking action after thinking “What is necessary to this project?” or “How do I prevent problems and reduce risks?”
Because of our employees’ different strengths, we will manage and reflect their skill and ability growth in our performance appraisal and employee training plan.


Meet our active staff of Taiwan 3DCG animation studio “Studio 5”.
What are their various strong points, how did they find Studio 5? What do they think about their job? Find out more about them here.

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