3DCG animation production company, Studio 5 (Five) locally established Studio 5 corporation in Taiwan and has employed many Taiwanese CG creators. In the studio, many of the staff are able to speak multiple languages such as Chinese, English and Japanese.

Unlike most establishing a offshore corporation, Director Makoto Kanemoto is stationed in person at our local studio, and directs the progress of CG animation projects. Japanimation’s know-how, which is cultivated in front line Japanimation, is inherited by the local staff Taiwan’s Studio 5.

Not only joining projects from Japan, we take part in projects from China and overseas as well. In the future, Studio 5 in Taiwan will play a role as a hub, supporting many projects of Japan’s enterprises or China’s corporations which are developing Asia and global business.

Japanimation of World class quality

Providing world class and high quality CG Japanimation created from over ten years of experience and achievements in front line Japanimation for diverse projects.

Most work done in Taiwan’s local studio

Unlike most offshore corporations, Studio 5 established a local branch in Taiwan where President Makoto Kanemoto stays locally in person and hires and educates local staff and directs animation projects.

Know-how of long CG animaiton production

We not only make short CG animation. Our staff inherit skills of long CG animated film and TV animation making which is used in forefront of industry, and join various projects.

Do you have the following problems?

  • Have no experience and know-how in CG animation
  • Want to create real Japanimaiton with 3DCG
  • Want to make long CG animation
  • Want to make short CG animation
  • Want to make CG animation
  • Want to make CG assets
  • Want aid on some parts or scenes
  • Want help to meet a deadline
  • Already have a plan but want to entrust the whole project to someone else
  • Want to entrust planning to someone else
  • Can not stay within budget in Japan
  • Worried about language and quality of overseas production
  • Want to set a base abroad or expand cooperators.
  • Searching for IP which is adult-targeted or kid-targeted
  • Want consultation for IP planning or development
  • Want to start a business in CG industry


Creating 3DCG animation

We create world class CG animation with 3DCG. Local staff inherit Japanimation know-how, which is cultivated from over ten years of experience and achievements in front line Japanimation. In addition, CGI Director Makoto Kanemoto stays locally in person where he hires and educates local staff, and directs animation projects. We don’t just create game openings and commercials, we also produce long animated works like animated features and TV animation.

Provide 3DCG assets production service

We provide many different productions of CG assets like characters, backgrounds, items and so on. Based on design references, with 3DCG, we can model, texture, rig, film and render. Corresponding knowledge is necessary to create suitable assets used in 3DCG animation. We also offer consultation meetings for just model production, because modeling plays an important role in CG animation.

Support pre-produciton, planning, scripts

Your pre-production process for CG animation will be supported by Studio 5. We provide expertise in pre-production such as concept arts, scenario/script, design, acting, storyboard, which are all based on your ideas.

Assisting in design of characters, concepts, etc.

Assistance in design of characters, concepts, etc. is also a service we offer. Expanding on your roughs and ideas with drafts, we design and realize characters and concepts which follow your project scope.

Original IP/lisence planning and development

Studio 5 has its own original IP license. We are looking forward to cooperating with manufacturers and agents who are interested in video, game, publication, commodification and so on. Also, it is possible to support client’s IP planning and development.

Business trip from Taiwan or online Skype meeting
Able to work with Japanese, Chinese and English

Although Studio 5 established a studio in Taiwan, we still have other communication methods for Japan or foreign clients and partners, such as business trip to client’s company and online Skype meeting. Moreover, we can work with multiple languages because many of our staff can speak Chinese. Some of them have N1 credential of JLPT and one of them scored over 900 on TOEIC.

To deal well with related procedures contracting with Japan domestic clients, management center including legal department and financial department is established at head office in Japan. We plan to expand our Japan’s head office for smoother communication with Japanese clients.

※You can check each member’s language abilities in Staff Introduction.
More information

Service of Lecture, Seminar and Overseas Visit and Development Support

We has a secondary service providing business visit to Taiwan Studio 5 , “五號影像有限公司”, and also participating in seminars and activities as lecturers. Furthermore, based on our experience in Taiwan, we also support overseas development for Japanese company. If you are interested in, please feel welcome to contact us at any time.