Yumiko Yoshizawa/account-manager

Name Yumiko Yoshizawa
Nick Name Yosshi
Gender Femail
Position manager
Motto Speech is silver, silence is golden.
Self Introduction I cannot stop myself from doing my favourites, until someone stops me.
Language Japanese, English, Italian
Hobby Movie, Art
Favorite Butterfly Effect, Eternal Sunshine
Idol Sir John Tenniel,  John Towner Williams
Goal A movie that  somehow leaves a memory to the audience.


  1. Ro-lan Chang/Project manager

  2. 王郁婷 Yu-Ting Wang/Modeler

  3. 豊園朋裕 Toyozono Tomohiro/Project Mana…

  4. 胡善淳 Shan-Chun Hu/Project Manager

  5. Yu-Chen Wang/Art designer

  6. 呂佳懋 Chia-Mao Lu/Animator