Li Ya Chi/animator

Name Li Ya Chi
Nick Name Beatrice
Gender Female
Position animator
Motto If you can dream it, you can do it – Walt Disney
Self Introduction I like to find inspiration from life and create stories people can relate to
Hobby reading,watching animation,visiting aquariums,photography
Skill animation
Favorite Mob Psycho,Katekyo Hitman Reborn,Tangled,Feast
Idol Hayao Miyazaki,Walt Disney
Goal I want to create work that can influence our world and bring joy to viewers
Experience Nothing so far


  1. Chen-Chih Lo (羅琛智)/Art designer

  2. 湯昊威 Hao-Wei Tang/Modeler

  3. 陳鈺雯/assistant

  4. 唐璐璐/Secretary

  5. 柯怡彣 Ada Ko /Modeler

  6. 吳佳軒 Chia-Xuan Wu/3D Animation Compo…