Yi Ching Lee  (Jeanne Lee)/Animator

Name Yi Ching Lee  (Jeanne Lee)
Nick Name wawa
Gender Female
Position Animator
Motto “Nothing’s occurring in animation – you manufacture everything.”
By Gore Verbinski
Self Introduction My dream is to create an animation, not only visualize it, also telling a story and art to the audience.  Grzegorz Jonkaitys is an animation films’ director, he usually use a humor thought and an incredible art style to visualize the reality of this world.  I love the way he present in his animation, and that is what I trying to do in my animation career.
My job is to give a life into an animation, as well as a storytelling and performance to a character.
Language Chinese,English
Hobby drawing, watching films, playing video games
Skill playing piano, DIY stuff
Favorite Spirited Away/  Ghost in the Shell/ Incredibles
Idol Miyazaki / Grzegorz Jonkaitys / Christopher Nolan
Goal too much…
Experience 元氣寶寶/ 水果冰淇淋/ 紅豆姐姐


  1. 沈薏欣 Yi-xin Shen /Animator

  2. Chang-Ching,Chen(陳常青)/Art designer

  3. Ching-Wen Chiang/Art designer

  4. Yu-Chen Wang/Art designer

  5. 韓宗駿 Zong-Jun Han/Modeler

  6. Hung-Ying Liu/Art designer