Jasmine Lo/3D Animation Compositer

Name Jasmine Lo
Nick Name Jasmine
Gender Femail
Position 3D Animation Compositer
Motto You can do anything you like when believed you got talent
Self Introduction I like drawing, and full of interesting with animation and comic producing. Wish I can keep improving my skill to BONES works level.
Language Chinese
Hobby Animation、Movie、play all over the world
Skill AE、3DMAX
Favorite Film series “The Lord of the Rings”
Idol 冨樫義博
Goal Re:creater
Experience Government tender、Commercial advertising


  1. 湯昊威 Hao-Wei Tang/Modeler

  2. 唐璐璐/Secretary

  3. 呂巧雯 Chiao-Wen Lu/Animator

  4. Gabby/General affairs

  5. 朱悅嘉 Yueh-Chia Chu/Project Manager

  6. 劉家維 Jia-Wei Liu/Animator