Ro-lan Chang/Project manager

Name Ro-lan Chang
Nick Name
Gender Female
Position Project manager
Motto God only gives you obstacles you are able to overcome.(-JIN)
Self Introduction Christopher Nolanのようにカッコいい作品を作りたいです。
Language Japanese, Chinese
Hobby Always change
Skill Filming
Favorite 『Steins;Gate』
Idol Christopher Nolan
Goal Stories which are related to timeleap
Experience 『Yaki』Producer


  1. 卓帛霖 Po-Lin Cho/Animator

  2. 吳佳軒 Chia-Xuan Wu/3D Animation Compo…

  3. 謝皓宇 Hao Yu Hsieh/Animator

  4. 金本 真 Makoto Kanemoto/President

  5. 胡善淳 Shan-Chun Hu/Project Manager

  6. 湯昊威 Hao-Wei Tang/Modeler