Marcus of Cloud Forest

Marcus of Cloud Forest

Reproducing picture book style through 3DCG Cel shading.

A story about Marcus piloting his airplane and the animals living in Cloud Forest.

Promotional Video

Production Note

“Marcus of Cloud Forest” is TV animation for kids, based on a picture book written by 松井亜弥 and illustrated by なつのはむ.

 Staff Director: 高松信司

Concept Design: なつのはむと

Script: 松井亜弥

Art Design: 小林雅代(千住工房)

Audiography Director: ひらさわひさよし


Audiography Production:Cloud22


Recording Mixer:株式会社エバーズ

CGI Director: 金本真(株式会社5)

CGI Artist: 本田沙織(株式会社5)

Producer: 別府洋一

Co-Producer: 望月重孝(アスラフィルム)

Associate Producer:はたなかたいち

Offcial Site 雲の森のマーカス

Parts/materials handled by Studio 5

3D Assets modeling, 3D Modeling, Pre-composition